Writing lists to help with anxiety

Some days my anxiety sets in with a mighty force and even the smallest of tasks feel like too much to bare. I find myself unable to leave the house and all the tasks, events and work I have to do have to take a backseat.

However, these daunting tasks are still circling round my head, making me more and more anxious. I can’t stop thinking about what I’m missing and how I should be doing them. I start to worry I will forget the tasks I have to do and it develops into a feeling of being crushed from the thought of having to deal with these unimaginable responsibilities while also struggling with the extreme fear and anxiety I have already going on.

One of the best coping mechanisms I’ve found when my anxiety sets in like this is to write a list of all the responsibilities and tasks I have to do.

This seems extremely simplistic but it is so helpful to just get everything in my head down somewhere I can physically look at them. By getting these thoughts out of my head and on to a physical piece of paper it relieves the stress of them caving in on me. It’s sort’ve like I am able to push them away and deal with them later as a result of removing them from my messy head.

Writing down all my worries makes them seem more manageable, I can plan out when to deal with them. This makes them seem less frightening and daunting. Ticking one task off at a time also helps in making me feel like I’ve accomplished something, no matter how small it is, and beat my anxiety.

Hopefully sharing this will help someone else in the same position as me feel the same! Do you guys ever use this method to relieve anxiety, or have any other methods to recommend? Let me know!