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Hello! My name is Aoife. I’m a Postgraduate student and writer from Ireland!

I wanted to do something a little different with this blog! I wanted to go beyond the headlines of popular culture and examine why seemingly superficial stories on celebrities and internet memes are actually extremely significant to society!

Pop culture is not exactly seen as an academic study, and most academics like to pretend that popular culture events are insignificant and shallow. However, I believe studies and analysis of popular culture are one of the most important tools for accessing where the world is at right now.

In an era where we are constantly fed news stories through technology, it’s hard to see the significance in any of it. However, it plays a huge part in all our lives and affects us in ways we don’t even notice when we swipe aimlessly through our feeds of celebrity glamour and internet memes. In this blog I want to unpack significant pop culture events of the week and look at them in a different way. I want to look at what events are reported and what this tells us about society.

Basically I want to take a sociological view on what celebrity made the headlines this week and why the F*ck we all care so much.

I know that probably all sounds a little dim, but think of it as mixing all the most interesting bits of academic writing with all the guilty pleasures of trash we love to consume! (I mean, come on?)

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