Hello! My name is Aoife. I am a 22 year old student from Ireland, currently studying English and sociology.

This blog is about my experiences, observations and tales as an anxious 20 something navigating life. My posts will mostly center on my day to day struggles and experiences with anxiety, however i’m sure i wont be able to stop myself from occasional rambles about other things.

I’ve decided to share my experiences in the hope it will open up a conversation around anxiety.  I also want to share my tips and tricks that I’ve learned on the way. Although some of my posts may just be mild observations that I’ve made or weird situations that my anxiety have led me into, that I feel people may be able to relate to/ laugh at. 

This blog is welcome to anyone who feels they have something to add on the subject, feel free to comment, email, get in touch or whatever with your own trips and tricks! The more we talk about this stuff the easier it gets to navigate in our everyday lives! 

If nothing this website does nothing else, at least it shows we’re not all on this excruciating journey of rehearsing our food orders over and over before ordering and counting our change 30 times before we get on the bus, alone!