Why is Britain so angry at Meghan and Harry?

So this is a story that has been dominating every aspect of the media for weeks. From the news, to television talk shows to internet blogs to twitter memes. People can’t get enough. It has spanned from factual reporting to all out slander and everything in-between, but why does Britain care so much?

It is pretty apparent that the media is putting the blame on Meghan for the Sussex’s sudden step down from royal duties. They are angry at both Harry and Meghan, but she is seemingly the one being hit hardest by the public and tabloid press. There have been many opinions on why this is, spanning from racism to sexism and everything else you can possibly imagine, however I believe there is one other large factor to take into consideration.

The Media and people all around Britain are angry, but what are they really angry at? Do people really care thaaat much that Harry and Meghan want to become more private and move to Canada with their new son? My hypothesis is No.

I believe there are deeper routed issues to blame here. The British are facing uncertainty in nearly all aspects of their lives due to Brexit, and they have been for quite some time. Nothing is clear. There have been more elections in the past few years than most people see in a decade. There has been nothing but complete uncertainty for three years, with Britain caught in a sort of limbo not knowing what will happen next. One thing that was not in limbo however was the monarchy.

I do not believe this media storm is solely about Harry and Meghan. Do most people follow the royal family extensively? Do every aspect of these royal’s existence really take a toll on normal everyday life for normal everyday people? If Meghan and Harry had secretly went to Canada and not done any public events and had not been reported on, how many people would really notice the difference? I don’t think the physical act of Harry and Meghan moving or stepping down is really going to impact any normal person’s life in a drastic way, but the idea of another solid system in Britain facing extreme uncertainty, does. It only adds to the instability the nation have been feeling for the past three years and people are angry that they don’t feel secure.

So, why is everyone so angry with Harry and Meghan? Because in times of uncertainty people need someone to blame and they are the easiest target.

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    1. I agree that racism is also a key part of the media scrutiny. Although I do also think that it gives us a clearer picture of where the country is at, the uncertainty and frustration around Brexit is really starting to show outside of politics.


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